In the past decade of years, BDS entered into partnership and collaboration with several organizations. At the national level BDS have maintain an active relation in different forum such as, Association of Land Reform and Development (ALRD), Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS), National STD/AIDS Network - Bangladesh, Gender Relations and Development Forum (GDF), Credit and Development Forum (CDF), Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh (CCHRB), Forum for Regenerative Agriculture Movement (FORAM) and Network For Information Response And Preparedness Activities on Disaster (NIRAPAD) and other local forum. BDS has been implementing a variety of development interventions and development activities in collaboration with different national and international agencies. The following table depicts the partnership relationship of BDS with these agencies.

SI No.Donar NameProgram NameDescription
01 BRAC Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE). Basic education for unprivileged children.
02 NGO Forum For Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Hygiene Latrine & Drinking Water for Community People. Established Village Sanitation Center for production and supply of ring slab with subsidy cost.
03 CARE- Bangladesh Disaster Management & Preparedness Program Awareness campaign and skill development for risk reduction, rehabilitation through following contingency plan.
4 IRRI-PETRA Rice Cum Duck Farming Research program of duck farming in the rice field, with the collaboration of BRRI.
05 BAMWSP Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project National Screening Program of BAMWSP identified the arsenic and find out the mitigation procedure.
06 Mani Tese 76, Italy Integrated Community Development at Lokhonda Improvement of livelihood development of the low laying area at Rajoir. Several Community development activities were under taken.
07 Rabobank Foundation, The Netherland. Credit Union Consolidation Programs Comprehensive education, skill and logistic support to the peoples oriented credit program in the name of rural credit union.
08 The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Khamarbari, Dhaka. Small Holders Support Project (SHSP). Improvement of livelihoods of the small holder family through increase of agricultural productivity, crops diversification, intensification, irrigation, drainage, and improvement of rural infrastructure and markets.
09 CARE - Bangladesh Cages Aqua Fish Culture. Introduce cages fish culture at rural area by using the local resources and to transforming the ideas and technology of cages fish culture which make people to earn extra money and increase participation of women.
10 The Canadian Development Foundation (CDF) Canada, Community Development through education & IGAs support. Skill development training for increase rural leadership and management.
11 Inter Church Coordination & Cooperation (ICCO), Netherland Community Development through education & IGAs support. Integrated community development through education and training program.
12 Bread for the World (BFW) Germany. Community Development through education & IGAs support. Community development support rural poor.
13 Norway Embassy Fund (NORAD) Community Development through education & IGAs support. Income generating support for marginal people
14 Bangladesh Bank Greehayon Tahobil Housing loan support to the marginal poor families.
15 Practical Action in Bangladesh Markets and livelihoods programs. Improvement of pottery and handicrafts.
16 Action Aid Bangladesh Literacy and loko kendro. Adult learning and improve mass communication among the community.
17 Save the Children, USA Kishore Kontho. Voice raise programs of adolescent girls were introduced and launch for buildup social harmony and development.
18 The Asia Foundation Strengthening Civil Engagement in Elections and Political Processes for Enhanced Transparency and Democratic Accountability. Voter civic education, vote observation, pre and post survey, process of voter electoral roll with the direction of Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) and Election Working Group (EWG).
19 SIMAVI, The Netherland. Mother & Child Health Care Clinical and health service for the mother and child in the area of Char Montaz, Golacipa.
20 MAX Foundation, The Netherland. Community Managed Water & Sanitation Comprehensive and environmental changed program through access of save drinking water and hygiene latrine for reduces the child and mother mortality rate.