Name of the ProgramSummary Description of
Program Activity
Local Government Enhance the local CBOs and establish the citizen rights
  • Election observation & Monitor.
  • Voter & Civic Education.
  • Collaborative approach with the local government for strengthening the local institution.
  • Voter registration, awareness and monitoring the election situation with guidance of BEC.
Human Development Promotion Ensure full participation in livelihood and skill development.
  • Strengthening the adolescent ’ voice
  • Human Resource Development
  • Awareness campaign for promotion of human rights in regards to improve knowledge, attitude and skill.
Community development through Integrated livelihood development Prevailing of economic and social and sustainability of livelihood through specific program.
  • Disaster risk reduce.
  • Poverty elevation through employment generation.
  • Integrated community development.
  • Child and Adult literacy .
  • Sustainable water, sanitation & environment.
  • Mother & child healthcare.
  • Agricultural development.
  • Financial & technical support to small NGO networking.
  • Preparedness activities of pre and post events of climate hazard and disaster.
  • Financial and technical support of sustainability.
  • Build up local institutions and peoples forum.
  • Ensure safe drinking water and environmental development through sanitation & hygiene.
  • Promotion of healthcare activities for mother and child.
  • Provide financial and technical support for strengthen the agricultural productivity.
  • Collaborative approach with the local GOs, NGOs and other related stakeholders to reveal the situation and the target beneficiaries.