Personnel Management:

BDS has developed and put into practice the specific personnel policy. To this effect there is Administrative Manual-Volume 1, 2, 3 wherein staff recruitment, appointment, transfer, promotion, seniority, retirement policy, punctuality and discipline rules, leave rules, traveling rules are rigidly envisaged. Besides, there are basic job descriptions showing individual competence and responsibilities. Moreover, BDS maintain “Annual Confidential Report (ACR)” of the regular staff and on the basis of the individual performance report specifically salary, increment, promotion, higher training opportunity etc. everything is done properly in time.

Training facilities available at BDS Bhaban:

Being a formal training institute BDS has equipped training facilities and environment viz 2 A/C and 1 non A/C training hall room. Participant capacity one is 50 and other is over 100 including dining and foods supply facilities. We have two VIP A/C guest room and sufficient modern facilities for conducting workshop/seminars/meetings including multimedia, laptop, overhead projector; TV, Micro phone, audio recording etc. BDS training rooms and accommodation facilities can be used by national and international organization by payment.